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Situated nearby Marrickville station, The Great Nepalese Restaurant was set up in 2010 to bring the food of the famed Himalayans. Its founder, Mr. Ram Khadka over the years mastered the art of carefully blending herbs and spices to give one\'s taste buds the best food experience. He has international experience over preparing Nepali dishes with the famous chef award in Abu Dhabi along with 5 years of service on Marriot Hotel in Sydney. Our chef has 21 years of  5 star hotel experience. The ambience is set to offer a relaxed and cosy atmosphere. Skilled chefs prepare dishes, using the freshest of spice and herb mixtures, just as they would have been prepared in the kitchens of Nepal. Our chefs can alter

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Everest grilled lamb/Chicken/goat meat

Everest grilled lamb/Chicken/goat meat $ 17.99

Choice of yours:- Chicken/Lamb or goat marinated over night with Nepalese spices fresh chilli, garlic & ginger served with tomato& cucumber salad
Chilly MO:MO:

Chilly MO:MO: $ 10.99

Fresh homemade dumpling lled with meat or vegetables Your choice of:- bualo/chicken/vegetables fresh homemade dumpling, onion, capsicum, tomato. Toss with special spicy sauce & herbs.
  • Vegi Stack
    Vegi Stack
  • Tandori Chicken
    Tandori Chicken
  • Taas
  • Stir-fried Noodles
    Stir-fried Noodles
  • Salt and Pepper fish
    Salt and Pepper fish
  • Pan fried Prawn
    Pan fried Prawn
  • Pan fried Pork
    Pan fried Pork
  • Mix grill
    Mix grill
  • Lamb Sanks
    Lamb Sanks
  • Everest Grilled Chicken
    Everest Grilled Chicken
  • Duck Mariland
    Duck Mariland
  • Chilli Chicken
    Chilli Chicken
  • Bara Stack
    Bara Stack
  • Aloo Puri
    Aloo Puri
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